VJ open lab #30

Fr 01.07. 20:00 Uhr



Since 2017 Vj Open Lab has been organizing meetings for everyone interested in live audiovisual performance in its various forms.
Over the last 6 years we have organized 29 labs with more than 100 artists presenting their projects, audiovisual performances, panel discussions, Vj jam sessions, mapping projections, meetings in Vr-spaces, etc.
We are incredibly grateful for international collaborations with artists all over the world.
Vj Open Lab aims to create an open space for any kind of audiovisual experimentation - from real-time computer generated to analogue synths, etc.
We're delighted to celebrate our 30th Vj Open Lab session with you at the wonderful Panda Platform venue.
On this warm evening we will be joined by new members and our old friends.
Please meet the artists:
cojasch & quotation mark
Anja Malec & Ilja Badulin aka Fangarm
Grit Kit & Apathe
Liudmila Siewerski & Françoise Rosen
Dj collective The Her
Rahul Sharma
Sol Sarratea
Mahir Duman aka Bencanitin
Charlotte Bach
Doors open 8 pm

donation to the Ukrainian funds

Looking forward to seeing you there!