Sa 18.03. 20:00 Uhr



Tequilaja333 members are living in four different countries now, but they'll unite for the European tour to feel alive and share our songs with old and new friends.
“We know that many of you need this as much as we do ourselves.
We'll play our last album, which was released just before the full-blown war broke out and, alas, predicted its beginning, but we won't forget our best songs from more peaceful times. There are plenty of them.
And also, quite unashamedly, let's complete the program with the main hits from the band Zorge. Because that's us, too.
And we'll have a heart-to-heart talk, and your favorite song will surely play.
Loudly, cheerfully and in a family way.
Because it's not just Tequilaja333.
This is Tequilaja333 Family.
Family in Exile.”
Benjamin Baert - drums
Konstantin Chalykh - guitar, keyboards
Dmitry Zilpert - guitar
Andrey Orenstein - electronics, keyboards
Evgeny Fedorov - bass, vocals
‼ All PANDA platforma proceeds from this event will be sent to organizations in Berlin that provide help to Ukrainian refugees or humanitarian aid in Ukraine.