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Teapø is a Berlin & London-based composer and producer of electronic, electro-acoustic, alternative, ambient, nu-jazz, trip-hop, soundtracks, and much more. The new album to release, with singles that have already made a splash on best music platforms, enters the world of Teapø with his video clips and a surprise Live Zerø.
BBCworld: "Nice to get lost in the musical alleys of Teapø"Chicago BMS Radio: "I think he’s gonna blow your mind.."
We present the show in V2 with Synth and Piano player Sveta.
Teapø : Drums– E-Drums– Keyboards – Ableton– Synths – Digital Modulars
Sveta : Keyboards – Piano – Synths
Live Zerø : https://youtu.be/QrozYdLMo3E
Official video:
Show’s opening by Usama Siddiq
Usama is a Pakistani singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Berlin. His music is a mix of a number of genres including rock, indie pop, folk, soul, funk and the blues with eastern undertones and electronic elements. Since 2018 he has worked professionally out of his studio In Weissensee as a Producer & Engineer.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33sLJAagpj4
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