Sveta Ben and Galya Chikiss: MIRRORBALL / ЗЕРКАЛЬНЫЙ ШАР

Fr 16.09. 20:00 Uhr



A collaboration of two legends of the Belarusian avant scene Sveta Ben (cabaret-band "Silver Wedding") and Galina Ozeran (Chikiss), artists with a very versatile creative background. In the new duet, Sveta is responsible for poetry and songs, and Galya is responsible for arrangements and sound production. The program is called "Mirrorball" - like the first joint song by Benka and Chikiss, with which this story began in the Berlin summer of 2021.

Sveta Ben: “Our duet was born spontaneously and joyfully, like all good things. I have been following the music world of Galya Chikiss for a long time and love her music very much: for it's intelligence, experimentation and diversity. And last summer, I asked Galya, who now lives in Berlin, to help me a little with a small Berlin concert - to play a few songs together. Galya agreed, and the result exceeded expectations. And then we decided to continue collaboration. So far, we have recorded a single, played joint concerts in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Berlin. And then we'll see. I think there will be an album.

Galya Chikiss: “Sveta and I have known each other for a very long time, we grew up on the neighbouring streets of Vitebsk and even went to the same secondary school at different times, but I could not even think that such a collaboration would happen. We met in my Berlin studio on the eve of her concert, and somehow played everything at once. I set up my phone camera and posted the first improv video for "Mirrorball" on the Internet. There was strong feedback. This resonated in the hearts of many people. And after the Berlin concert-stream, which many watched, it became clear that these songs should be made, they are needed and important for many humans.”

- Video single "Mirrorball"
- Concert LIVE video - "Зеркальный шар"

Pic by @Roman Ekimov

DOORS (AK): 15€