Silke Eberhard Trio

Mi 17.04. 20:00 Uhr




  • Silke Eberhard - sax
  • Jan Roder - bass
  • Kai Luebke - drums

Silke Eberhard is a saxophonist, clarinetist and composer based in Berlin.

In addition to her long-standing trio with Jan Roder and Kay Lübke she leads her wind quartet Potsa Lotsa that interprets the compositional work of Eric Dolphy and her septett Potsa Lotsa Plus. She works with many collective ensembles including a duo with Ulrich Gumpert, a duo with Uwe Oberg, Matsch & Schnee, I am Three.

She performed and/or recorded with numerous musicians of the international jazzscene such as Aki Takase, David Liebman, Wayne Horvitz, Dave Burrell, Gerry Hemingway, Michael Zerang, Hannes Zerbe, Maggie Nicols, Joe Morris, Michael Formanek a.m.o.

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