SHELL. Anton Adasinsky. Solo (in Russian)

Sa 14.03. 20:00 Uhr




This is an intimate show with poetry, short stories, music, songs and dances.

Anton Adasinsky is an actor, musician, theatre and film director. His famous physical theatre company DEREVO has been founded 1988 in St. Petersburg (then Leningrad) and performed worldwide for more than 30 years being one of the biggest hits at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and receiving numerous awards. They produced a cult b&w 16mm film Süd. Grenze (2001) and a number of soundtrack albums. Adasinsky also recorded an album with his own songs. He played the money-lender (Mephisto) in the Venice 2011 Golden Lion winner film Faust by Alexander Sokurov and now continues his film career. Recently he also directed several productions for Kirill Serebrennikov’s Gogol Centre in Moscow, as well as an acapella opera at the Perm Dyagilev’s Festival and with Teodor Currentzis . 2020 Adasinsky works on the new stage musical for children to be premiered at the main stage of the Moscow Art Theatre.

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