Mi 21.12. 20:00 Uhr




Serhii Radzetskyi – bass guitar

Vinegreta Humbly – thereminvox, vocal

Alexey Krupsky – guitar

Alex Gloshkin – drums

Artur Lenivenko – piano

[ENG] Serhii Radzetskyi's concert is a new and non-standard look at the possibilities of the bass guitar. Radzetskyi is known as a tireless experimenter, endorser and artist of many music brands, organizer of festivals and creative laboratories. The bass guitar is increasingly asserting itself as a self-sufficient and solo instrument. Serhii's performance is an opportunity to make sure of this and learn about the different sounds of the instrument. In the program of the concert: author's works, fantasias on popular melodies, jazz interpretation of Chopin's piano works and even translations of lute music of the 16th century.

Serhii Radzetskyi is the composer of the rock opera «Taras Bulba» and a participant in many festivals in Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, France, Israel and the USA.

All concerts of Serhii's «Peace for Ukraine» tour are aimed at supporting the musical community of Ukraine, raising funds for the support of Ukrainians, and presenting modern Ukrainian art to the world.

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VVK / AK: 10 €