Panivalkova (Kyiv, UA) - Live at PANDA, Berlin

Mi 14.06. 20:00 Uhr

Female multi-instrumental & vocal trio from Ukraine singing in Ukrainian, Spanish, English and French



Panivalkova (Kyiv, UA)

Panivalkova is a female multi-instrumental trio from Ukraine. Along with the traditional musical instruments (keyboard, drums and ukulele) the trio amuses their audience by playing raer or unique musical instruments such as güiro, castanets, vibraslap, ocarina, flexatone, kazoo and even the door keys. 

Music of Panivalkova is a combination of tenderness and witty irony in the lyrics with passion and energy. They name their style “sensitive minimalism”.

Panivalkova sing in four languages : Ukrainian, Spanish, English and French. 


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Entry: 12€ on-site / 10€ pre-order ([email protected]) / 8€ concession