Mi 14.12. 05:00 Uhr




Or Solomon – piano & directions
Chris Hill – drums, objects & electronics
Devin Gray – drums & objects
Adam Goodwin – double bass
Jonathan Nagel – double bass
Melih Sarigöl – modular synthesizers
Gabor Hartyani – cello
Anil Eraslan – cello & voice
Philippe Lemoine – tenor saxophone
Simon Rose – baritone saxophone

Experimental music and an experimental concert in its form!
Can a 10-piece orchestra fit into a small club without losing the necessary space and gaining a new experience of collective music-making? The answer to this question will be given by the Lightning Orchestra musicians, who will be located at different points of the PANDA platforma hall. The audience will settle down among the jazzmen and feel at the epicenter of a unique intuitive musical process. The usual invisible barrier between the stage and the hall will collapse!
All members of Berlin based Lightning Orchestra are international music artists expressing their emergency for a free and independent voice. Lightning Orchestra sessions are experimental setups to explore its own diversity and the moving new realities of one's experiences, as musicians, as individuals, and as an ensemble, interrogating improvised music, its needs and perceptions.
In 2022 Or Solomon & Lightning Orchestra received the support of Musikfonds FEB-II
Artwork: @nooam_slm


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZIocpbj0RI* * *

AK / VVK: 10 €