ONE THING SHOW by Vitaly Azarin | Davai theatre, Israel

Fr 31.01. 19:00 Uhr




One man follows one thing into a quest for love, that leads to the lethal end. A journey shared with an audience and followed by a comic relief.

No words, no decor, no mercy.
The human saga by a single object.

Created and performed by Vitaly Azarin
Dramaturgy by Losha Gavrielov
Music: Vlad Povolotsky, Sergey Burkov, Vitaly Azarin

50 min., non verbal, 8+

"Masterpiece of poetic clown-virtuoso" - Shai Bar Yakov, Seven Nights
"The show full of humour, authenticity and talent" - Gali Amran, Terrace
Special Juri Award & The Audience Award 2017 - Clown Fest, Moscow

About Vitaly Azarin: The disciple of Michelle Daller (the first clown of Cirque Du Soleil). Comedian, director, interdisciplinary artist, clown. Co-founder of DAVAI Theatre (Tel aviv).

Vitaly cooperates with Israeli Opera, Haifa Symphonic Orchestra and the world known “Slava’s Snow Show”

Online (VVK): 10€
On site (Abendkasse): 15€