MUSTELIDE new CD release

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Mustelide is the singer, songwriter and producer Natallia Kunitskaya, who creates a world of peculiar sounds, characters and images, using environmental samples collected from all over the world, analogue synthesizers and singing in Russian, her mother language. She explores and designs her sound, packaging it in the form of pop music, which often bears quite idiosyncratic results, e.g. a drum section sampled entirely from the cries of owls or flamenco dances.

Although a long time fan of analogue synths and drum machines, Mustelide challenges herself in her latest album by cultivating her sounds entirely from recordings of broken orchestral instruments.

Natallia hardly names her residence city, being between Minsk and Berlin all the time. In her music you can also feel the bizarre mix of East and West, modern and retro, pop and experimental.

Her third album Ginseng Woman, out in March 2019, is devoted to the idea of women's sacred abilities, alongside an anti consumerist ideology, where she proves, that even broken instruments can resonate as much as overpriced gear. Ginseng Woman is slated for release by famous Ukrainian label Masterskaya.

Dubbed “electronic princess” by the press, she got an award as the best solo artist of her homeland Belarus. Her debut album was named best indie pop album of the year. Her second album "SPI" designed like a dream installation.


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