Magnetic Poetry

Fr 12.11. 20:00 Uhr




Magnetic Poetry as a DIY pop project using classic synth sounds and shattered vocals as the main theme. They took off in Moscow as a two lovers carefree lo-fi indie project in mid 2010s but later on got captivated by 80-s synth wave and New Romantic scene taking a lot from the DIY and pop-loving approach and trying to make pop music sound underground with no excess investment. They like to play with over-the-top remix-y catchiness in lyrics and often use the vocal parts like an instrument. They think that this, along with nontraditional song structures makes classic synth pop sounds more modern. Magnetic Poetry was and is an influential band for the Russian bedroom pop scene with features about them in numerous blogs as well as printed and online media like Esquire, Nylon, Wonderzine and so on. The lyrics are inevitably catchy and simple but the message is almost always the same - the escapism of two united hearts, sharing the magic experience of being in love.

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