Less is More: VJ Open Lab #32

Fr 14.04. 20:00 Uhr



VJ Open Lab session #32 opens the new season under the motto "less is more". The upcoming session is dedicated to showcasing the beauty of minimalistic approach in audiovisual arts, featuring mesmerizing performances that rely on simplicity and restraint to create powerful and evocative experiences.
Various Berlin-based audiovisual artists will present their interpretations and perspectives on minimalist visual aesthetic and narrative based on reduced or primary structures.
Featuring artists: Kathrin Hünze & Thomas Hack, Liudmila Siewerski & Stefano Ferrari aka MENION, Conny Albrecht aka Cojasch & Dietrich Brueggemann aka quotation mark, Anne Wodtcke aka Ann_on_loops, Or Sarfati, Grit Schuster aka Grit Kit