Ksenia Fedorova (St Petersburg, RU). Solo

Fr 09.11. 20:00 Uhr

#PANDAwomen Festival



As part of the #PANDAwomen Festival. Ksenia Fedorova is a singer/songwriter based in St. Petersburg, Russia. She accompanies herself on the piano.

Ksenia graduated as a pianist; got her training in avant-garde jazz, early music, and, most recently, organ classes.

Her composition style is elaborate yet clear. Unlike most singers-pianists who use their instrument as a mere accompanist, Ksenia makes the piano an equal participant of a story.

In her writing and composition, Ksenia gets rid of all excessive notes and words. That’s quite a process relating on both time, erudition, and capability of weaving different threads together. Her music resembles that of minimalists and romantics, while her lyrics have a close connection to the Russian poetry of the middle of the 20th century - minimalistic either, seeing its goal in clear expression rather than artsy attributes.

While her piano can attack and rumble, her mouth gives voice to a vulnerable human being. The two are some trouble and release for those listening.

What we hear is a few very dense compositions that require the audience to be rather spiritual and engaged - like any ritual does, should we truly want to benefit of ourselves being present.

Ksenia Fedorova, a composer, pianist, singer, born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia. BA in piano and vocal and MA in Art history. Most recognizable for her main project (singer, pianist and composer) KUBIKMAGGI, released two albums: 2008 "It's Unnecessary" and 2012 “Suites”. In 2010, released her first solo album "Aum Ra".
Besides, a part of prog-rock band Ongkara. Two studio albums and numerous gigs came about with Ksenia’s keyboards and back vocals.
An active member of "Silent Movies + Live Music", for which she composed and performed 3 soundtracks. Recorded a few soundtracks for animated science for children, for Aleksandrinsky Theater, for movies.
In 2013, made a few home records for an experimental album “Obertone” under the pseudonym Feona Hrs.
In 2014, arranged and recorded piano for Grigory Poluhutenko’s album "Nostalgia".
At the moment, Ksenia and KUBIKMAGGI are about mastering their third studio album.

Entry: 10€ / 8€ conc. or pre-order at [email protected]

See also:  https://kseniafedorova.bandcamp.com/ & http://www.kubikmaggi.com/