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#PANDAwomen 2022



[ ENG ] "GrozovSka Band" 🇺🇦 is one of the most original Ukrainian ethno-jazz bands. The band organically combines different styles and directions of music, synthesizing motifs from different cultures and traditions with Ukrainian folklore.
"Grozovska Band" was formed in 2012. Its founder and frontwoman is Olena Grozovska, a Ukrainian singer, art critic, founder of unique art exhibitions, and an artist.
During the Revolution of Dignity (2014), the band often performed on the Maidan stage.
Illia Buchelnikov - Drum machine
Valeriia Paliarush - Keyboards
Sergii Demianchuk - Trumpet
Olena Grozovska - Vocal
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Funded by Musicboard Berlin | supported by Goethe Institut
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#PANDAwomen festival aims to present the female side of the current Eastern European music scene, whether on stage or behind the scenes, strengthening women’s presence in the industry. For the fifth year in a row, the festival offers a space for music experiments and collaborations. This year’s lineup will present a variety of Ukrainian music scene, oscillating between tradition and modernity. Ten exceptional performers from independent artists to internationally renowned bands will perform on seven Fridays in PANDA platforma — experience and celebrate the invincible she-power of Ukraine!
“It is an unusual year for #PANDAwomen. This is our fifth festival — and the first one under full-scale war conditions. We have a special lineup and decided to dedicate the entire festival to Ukrainian artists as the symbol of strength, courage, and great love, which are able to fight and win.
Ukrainian culture is unique and now it is experiencing a period of new recognition in Europe. Everyone has their own weapon, and our weapon is music.”
— PANDA platforma team

Online: 10€ / Doors: 15€
Для українців, які приїхали до Берліну після 24 лютого, вхід вільний!
FREE entry for all Ukrainians who came to Berlin after February 24th