Ganna Gryniva (Berlin/Kyiv) / Emolektra (Berlin)

Fr 01.11. 20:00 Uhr

#PANDAwomen #PANDAmusic



2-in-1 concert: Ganna Gryniva (Berlin/Kyiv) & Emolektra (Berlin/St. Petersburg)

I V A is the duo project of the Ukrainian singer from Berlin Ganna Gryniva with the electroacoustic composer from Bremen and Weimar Martin Recker . I V A strives to arouse the beauty and expressiveness of traditional Ukrainian songs with the help of modern sound aesthetics. Inspired by her own ethnological field research in various regions of Ukraine Ganna uses the treasures of her homeland and combines them with elements of jazz, improvisation and experimental. Meanwhile, Martin embeds her performance in a cautious bed of edited footage of the ethnological fieldwork. I V A takes its listeners on a journey through possible and imaginative sceneries and paints a futuristic image of the Ukrainian traditional music.

Emolektra (Nomi & Aino): Hinabtauchen in eine mystische Welt, tiefblauer Ozean voller bassiger Melodien. Lyrische Texte, metaphergetränkt und heftigst emotional. Eine Begegnung zwischen tanzbarem Elektro und Rapbeats mit politischen Texten die zum Nachdenken anregen.

Funded by Musicboard Berlin