Foa Hoka: “The Hot Future“

Fr 02.09. 20:00 Uhr



The legendary Ukrainian duo Foa Hoka, Dmytro Kurovskiy and Evgen Hodosh, will be doing a multimedia live performance “Hot Future”.
Their focus is on reality and human feelings. Kurovskiy states: "In the midst of the bloody war with the Russian occupier and genocide in Ukraine, with the narratives spun into a whirlwind of manipulation by trolls and bots, we have to constantly remind ourselves that we are people. We must learn to identify lies and not be taken in by the latest online media deceits and information fraud".
For the artists, this is an ongoing attempt to express passion and dreams; to think about the agency of a person and to make a powerful statement: "I am not afraid to express what is within, because it is real!".
Throughout their thirty-year history, Foa Hoka has been a bellweather of Ukrainian society, their art sometimes prophetic of what has come to pass. Their work spans multiple genres of modern music - from industrial, techno and house to post-punk, dub, funk, folk, and ambient. From 2003 Foa Hoka, has been a multi-styled project based on collaborations with musicians from Ukraine and the world. In their work, they have always departed from stereotypes and strived for innovation. The group creates its compositions from a vast arsenal of vintage analog synthesizers, live instruments, weird samples, and psychedelic noises.Here, primitive electronics merge with the drive and energy of a rock band.
The program also includes a presentation of the experimental film Fon by Sampled Pictures (Kyiv), music by Foa Hoka.
* * *

Presale (VVK): 10€
Doors (AK): 15€