Elara and Cosmic Fall

Sa 10.11. 19:30 Uhr

Progressive Stoner-, Kraut- & Space-Rock full of 70's-Psychedelic



Cosmic Haze invites you to boogie to some psychodelic rock for the first time, by introducing the spaced out psychodelinauts of Elara to Berlin. With heavy support of Cosmic Fall this will be a guaranteed trip to the universe. We're ready for take off, follow the sun!

Doors: 19:30
Launch: 20:30
Entry: 10€ | No presale


Progressive Stoner-, Kraut- & Space-Rock full of 70's-Psychedelic.

[ELARA SUNSTREAK BAND] is the psychedelic journey of three friends for whom music isn't a quick commodity but the expression of a positive attitude of life. Here, pressure encounters hypnotic sounds and lyrical depth.
Welcome To Jupiter 7.

Whatever fell from the cosmic sky, it landed in our home town Berlin. And is ready to take your mind on a beautiful journey.
Since 2016 Cosmic Fall is bringing Earthless-level Heavy Psych into the local scene! Taking you into the endless universe, the lonely desert and the depth of the ocean as relaxing sounds and moody melodies will go along with you on this journey. Do you smell it? It's time for another take off!