Chikiss / Mustelide. Double Concert, Berlin

Fr 16.11. 20:00 Uhr

#PANDAwomen Festival



Galina Ozeran aka Chikiss is a singer-songwriter, composer, producer, pianist, dj. Born in Vitebsk, Belarus, spending 15 years in St.-Petersburg and now based in Berlin since 2015.

Having released her first album in 2010, Galina Ozeran has created numerous wide-ranging projects, from contemporary piano and electro-acoustic pieces to nostalgic synth-pop songs, noise-rock and spectral electronic avant-music – all as a solo artist and in collaboration with others.

As a child of soviet era sci-fi, Chikiss tinted by the faded glory of suggested futures that never came to be. Her performance draws on nostalgic futurism, both brand new and nodding to obscure numbers by long forgotten, and little known internationally soviet acts. Armed with encyclopediac knowledge of early synth recordings, depicting mischievous romantic mechanical dreams brought into life by analogue machines.

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Mustelide is an electronic music producer from Minsk Natasha Kunitskaya. Working solo she write and performes intelligent pop music by mixing the sounds of analogue synthesizers with samples of birds‘ voices or flamenco dances. Her melancholic singing is full of surrealistic stories from her dreams.

The press often titles her ‚an electronic princess from Belarus‘. She published so far two albums, five videoclips, received several important musical awards and partcipated in numerous festivals like Reeperbahn Festival (Germany), Tallinn Music Week (Estonia), MENT Festival (Slovenina), BUSH (Hungary), Moscow Music Week and St. Petersburg Music Week (Russia), as well as Stereoleto, Jazz Koktebel, Atlas Weekend, Freaky Summer Party, Wschód Kultury – Inne Brzmienia and many more.

In the past three years Natasha played over 70 concerts in Europe and US. She’s also part of the OneBeat project among other 25 musicians from all over the world casted from 4000 candidates.

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