Big Second - Dmytro & Serhii Radzetsky (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Di 16.05. 20:00 Uhr

Guitar Virtuoso with the unique MIDI 8-string Guitar



Dmytro and Serhii Radzetskyi has been collaborating and performing at the stage together with the following musicians: «KING CRIMSON» (Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Markus Reuter), Phil Minton, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Ed Mann & Denny Walley (Frank Zappa Band), Dan McCafferty (“Nazareth”), John Lawton (“Uriah Heep”), Graham Bonnet (“Alcatrazz”), “Bang On a Can All-Stars”, Sergey Letov, Alexey Kozlov & “Arsenal”. And they are playing a concerts in the many cities of Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Germany, Israel, Great Britain, USA.

The main idea of the project is usingonly and exclusively the guitars, in order to achieve the maximum intensity of the musical sound.
The Radzetsky brothers have graduated from the Conservatory.
They have as well won the international contests for performers and composers.