Back it up Berlin Dance/Party Battle

Fr 18.11. 21:30 Uhr



AK: 12 Euro

JVSEpromotions Berlin office is searching for dancers of all bass driven music styles to fill our database of potential Backup Dancers for upcoming Concerts, Shows, and Tour events.

But, Like Everything we do….We’re Gonna Make A Party Of It!!!!

The Berlin dance scene is ever growing and we want to capitalize on the talent we have here to fill our database of potential show dancers.
An Old School Applause-O-Meter combined with a jury will be judging style
SO participating dancers..BRING YOUR PEEPS!

•Non-pre registered groups will not be permitted to choreography battle!! HOWEVER...we will have our eyes and ears watching the entire party for talent….. ALL NIGHT LONG we plan to be in the house…

•Shows will begin at 21.30. If your group is called and you are not present...YOU’RE OOUUTTT!

•The first 10 Choreo Groups registered will not have to pay the general party cover charge.

•2.30 Minute MAX for routines
•No Minimum of time
•Groups can decide at which point in their song of choice that they wish to start at
•Improv mini battles throughout the party evening (Mostly Hip hop/ Dancehall). But you will be judged from the first movement

•Group size -- 3 minimum, 6 maximum dancers

•VERY IMPORTANT-- For the judging you will be viewed as a group...for our agency we have our eyes on individuals

However- there will be events in which we will be hiring complete groups for tours and events.

•First show will take place December 23rd in Kesselhaus Berlin at our Afro Latin Beats Concert!!!
•Choreo Songs To Pick From
•Joe Budden - Pump It Up
•Mr. Vegas - Hot Wuk
•Vybz Kartell - Facebook Like
•Strong Roots - Fr. Zulu-Matimba
Stay Tuned for more details and DJ. Lineup