19:84 | City Is Burning

Fr 10.02. 20:00 Uhr



For the first time, the band 19:84 founded by musician, screenwriter and director Vasily Zorkiy will perform in Berlin.
The group was formed in 2008 in Moscow, disbanded in 2013, and resumed its activities after the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine. City is Burning consists of uncompromising songs about war, fear, longing and sadness, lost homes, hopes and future. The new member of the band is the famous musician Evgeny Fedorov, the lead singer of Tequiajazz, playing bass guitar. The concerts of the 19:84 group have always been warmly received by critics, journalists and the audience, noting the sound quality, the performing talent of the musicians and the psychotherapeutic effect of the concert - a feeling of warmth, love and tenderness that spreads throughout the hall from the first to the last note. The band is known for its liberal political views: the song "Volna" released after the assassination of Nemtsov, regular appearances on opposition channels in Russia and an obvious political stance in the latest released songs "No Words" and "You Can't Kill". The band will perform for the first time with the new line-up as part of the first and so far the only concert in Europe.
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AK 20 € / VVK 15 €